Friday, May 25, 2012

Honda Scoopy-ins helmet Present & Injections in Thailand

Honda Thailand make new changes to the retro variant Scoopy. Honda Scoopy This latest feature has been fixed to the helmet-in or a large trunk, and also uses fuel-injection system. New Honda Scoopy i was already officially paved in Thailand. Honda Thailand gives the tag of $ 45 thousand Baht, or is in the range of Rp13, 4 million. Design of New Honda Scoopy i was more interesting with a mix of bold colors. Motor body also increases the width of the trunk due to helmet-ins that can accommodate a full-face helmet unit.

 Honda Thailand stated that, retro variant Scoopy's got a good response in the country this white elephant, the first time since 2009 paving ago. Honda Thailand too optimistic with this variant of New Scoopy i can get a good response. There are three models of New Scoopy i namely, Active Boy, Vivid Me, Prestige Guy. Distinguishing the colors and design of the speedometer panel. New Sepeda Motor Injeksi Irit Harga Terbaik Cuma Honda Scoopy i also equipped with LED headlamps models.

Regarding the cardiac pacemaker, New Scoopy 108cc SOHC engines, the system injeks Honda PGM-FI. With this injection system, New Honda Scoopy i claimed to have a fuel efficiency of about 1 in 53 kilometers.